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Proposed IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act Gives Trump Administration Opportunity to Strengthen Program

Proposed IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act Gives Trump Administration Opportunity to Strengthen ProgramYesterday Bloomberg BNA published an article discussing the future of the IRS Whistleblower Office under the Trump administration. “IRS Whistleblower Office Faces Test With Trump Administration,” reviews the current state of the program and new legislation that aims to improve legal protections for IRS whistleblowers who expose tax fraud and evasion. … Continue Reading

IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act Introduced in Senate

Washington, D.C. March 29, 2017. Today Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Ron Wyden introduced the IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act of 2017. This bipartisan legislation is aimed at improving IRS communication with tax fraud whistleblowers and protect those whistleblowers from workplace retaliation. “This is urgently needed legislation to fix a major gap in whistleblower protections. Today … Continue Reading

Senator Sessions Questioned on Whistleblowers

AG Nominee Voices Support for Major Anti-Fraud Program Washington, D.C. January 12, 2017.  During his confirmation hearing President-Elect Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions, was questioned on his position on whistleblowers.  The Justice Department manages many of America’s most important whistleblower programs, including the False Claims Act (“FCA”) anti-fraud law.… Continue Reading

Swiss Bank Program Sees Final Resolutions

On December 29, 2016, the Justice Department announced that it had reached the final resolutions under the Swiss Bank Program. The Swiss Bank Program was put in place after a massive tax evasion scheme at Swiss bank UBS was exposed by Bradley Birkenfeld. The former international banker and wealth manager with UBS recently released Lucifer’s … Continue Reading

Inspector General Recommends Improvements for IRS Whistleblower Program

Whistleblower Program needs improvementsOn August 30, 2016, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) issued a report on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Whistleblower Program. The IRS Whistleblower Program plays an important role providing an avenue for reporting tax evasion. Between 2011 and 2016, the IRS collected more than $2 billion because of information provided by whistleblowers.  However, … Continue Reading

IRS Whistleblower Office Featured in Congressional Update

IRS Whistleblower Office Featured in Congressional UpdateThe IRS Whistleblower Office was highlighted in the December issue of the IRS Congressional Update, attached. The article gives a brief overview of the whistleblower process and refers readers to Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information. IRC Section 7623(b), Whistleblower Rules, and IRC Section 7623(a), Informant Claims Program, are also referenced in the … Continue Reading

Press Statement – Tax Whistleblower Receives $11.6 Million Dollar Award

Whistleblower Program needs improvementsAttorneys Stephen Kohn and Dean Zerbe are pleased to announce today that a joint client – who wishes to remain anonymous – received a whistleblower award under the new IRS whistleblower award program of $11.6 million dollars. “We greatly appreciate the IRS recognizing the work of this whistleblower and for making this significant, major award. … Continue Reading

IRS Whistleblower Program Releases 2014 Report to Congress

Whistleblower Program needs improvementsOn July 6, 2015 the Internal Revenue Service’s Whistleblower Office released its Report to Congress for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014. According to the report, in 2014 the Whistleblower Office received more claim submissions than in any other year. The total claims received in 2014 were 14,365, an increase of 3,845 compared to FY 2013. … Continue Reading

CNBC Features UBS Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld

UBS Whistleblower Bradley BirkenfeldBradley Birkenfeld, former UBS banker turned whistleblower tells his story in an article released today by CNBC’s Eamon Javers. Why did the US pay this former Swiss banker $104M? is accompanied by several short videos of the the interview Javers conducted with Birkenfeld. Mr. Birkenfeld is the world’s largest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Fraud Whistleblower. He … Continue Reading

Swiss Bank Whistleblowers To Take Part in OffshoreAlert Conference

The Wall Street Journal reports that Swiss bank whistleblowers Bradley Birkenfeld and Hervé Falciani are schedule to take part in a panel discussion at the OffshoreAlert Conference in Miami Beach May 3-5. The panel entitled “Inside the UBS & HSBC Leaks,” will take participants  “inside the UBS and HSBC leaks and discuss issues material to … Continue Reading

European Press Cover USB Whistleblower’s Role in French Investigation

UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld who assisted the U.S. in its successful prosecution of Swiss bank UBS AG for aiding U.S. citizens to commit tax evasion, is currenlty in France assisting with a similar investigation. Birkenfeld traveled to Paris last week to comply with French subpoena requiring him to testify against UBS AG. Mr. Birkenfeld’s importance to … Continue Reading

Senators advise IRS to be more receptive to whistleblowers

In an editorial published yesterday in Politico Magazine, Senators Ron Wyden and Chuck Grassley criticize the IRS whistleblower program. The editorial, “Will the IRS Ever Listen?” states that the backlog on cases is too long and that the IRS needs to better manage its relationships with whistleblowers.  They point out that 799 whistleblower claims made … Continue Reading

Important Win for Tax Whistleblowers in Tax Court

By Dean Zerbe, Advisor to NWC and Attorney at Zerbe, Fingeret, Frank & Jadav.   The Tax Court in a recent decision,  “Whistleblower 10949-13W v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue” – TC Memo 2014-106 (June 4, 2014), made an important ruling favorable to tax whistleblowers (disclosure:  I am counsel for the whistleblower on this case and … Continue Reading