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IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act Introduced in Senate

Washington, D.C. March 29, 2017. Today Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Ron Wyden introduced the IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act of 2017. This bipartisan legislation is aimed at improving IRS communication with tax fraud whistleblowers and protect those whistleblowers from workplace retaliation. “This is urgently needed legislation to fix a major gap in whistleblower protections. Today … Continue Reading

Grassley Reminds Supreme Court Nominee of the Importance of False Claims Act

Sen. Grassley said he wanted to bring up the False Claims Act so Judge Gorsuch would understand how important it is to him.Washington, D.C. March 24, 2017. The Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing for President Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court began on Monday.  Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Committee and long-time advocate of whistleblower rights, brought the issue of the False Claims Act (FCA) to Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch’s attention.… Continue Reading

Senator Sessions Questioned on Whistleblowers

AG Nominee Voices Support for Major Anti-Fraud Program Washington, D.C. January 12, 2017.  During his confirmation hearing President-Elect Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Sen. Jeff Sessions, was questioned on his position on whistleblowers.  The Justice Department manages many of America’s most important whistleblower programs, including the False Claims Act (“FCA”) anti-fraud law.… Continue Reading

Whistleblowers Responsible for More Than Sixty Percent of FCA Recoveries in 2016

The Department of Justice announced yesterday that it obtained more than $4.7 Billion in settlements and judgments from cases involving fraud against the government. This amount marks the third highest annual recovery in the history of the False Claims Act (FCA). The FCA brings in a yearly average of $4 billion with a total of … Continue Reading

Senate Passes Three Important Whistleblower Bills

Last week the Senate passed important legislation that increases protections for whistleblowers. The three bills protect whistleblowers who report information to inspector generals’ offices, extends whistleblower protections to employees of government subcontractors, and allows FBI employees to now report wrongdoing to their direct supervisors.… Continue Reading

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 1986 Amendments to the False Claims Act

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 1986 Amendments to the False Claims ActWashington, D.C. October 27, 2016.  Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the 1986 amendments to the federal False Claims Act (FCA). Since these amendments were passed, the FCA has proven to be the most effective anti-fraud law in the United States, recovering over $48 billion from those who defrauded the U.S. government.… Continue Reading

Justice Department’s First Public Statement on Supreme Court’s Unanimous Escobar Decision Slams Toyobo’s “Half-Truths” in Pending False Claims Act Whistleblower Suit

Washington, D.C. June 22, 2016 – Today, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a Notice of Supplemental Authority in a pending False Claims Act case, U.S. ex rel. Westrick v. Second Chance Body Armor, et al., No. 04-0280 (D.D.C.), setting forth the DOJ’s official position on the impact of the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision announced … Continue Reading

Senators Honor Whistleblowers on National Whistleblower Day

Sen. Ron Johnson addresses gathering of whistleblowers and advocates at the first Congressional celebration of National Whistleblower Day. Photo credit: Tom WolfeOn July 30, the U.S. Senate’s Kennedy Caucus Room was packed with whistleblowers, their families and whistleblower advocates as six senators and one representative each gave moving remarks in recognition of National Whistleblower day. This event, hosted by the National Whistleblower Center, marked the first Congressional celebration of National Whistleblower Day. The commemoration of July … Continue Reading

FBI Whistleblower’s Decade Long Journey to Vindication Featured On NPR

FBI Whistleblower’s Decade Long Journey to Vindication Featured On NPRThe Federal Bureau of Investigation is under pressure to fix it’s broken whistleblower process. In February 2015, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that whistleblower protections at the FBI are weaker than at any other agency. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing in March and whistleblower advocacy groups are calling for change. The GAO … Continue Reading

Senate Hearing Highlights Need For FBI Whistleblower Protections

Washington, D.C. March 4, 2015. The lack of whistleblower protections for FBI employees was the subject of a Senate Judiciary Hearing held Wednesday, March 4. Senators from both sides of the aisle were outraged by the amount of retaliation FBI whistleblowers face along with the failure of the FBI whistleblower program to appropriately handle such … Continue Reading

Press Alert: Press Conference Wednesday to Launch Whistleblower Protection Caucus

Washington, D.C.  February 24, 2015.  On Wednesday, February 25, at 2:30 p.m. (ET), Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Wyden will host a press conference to launch the Whistleblower Protection Caucus in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.  Sen. Grassley is the chairman of the caucus and Sen. Wyden is the vice-chairman. A number … Continue Reading

Senators advise IRS to be more receptive to whistleblowers

In an editorial published yesterday in Politico Magazine, Senators Ron Wyden and Chuck Grassley criticize the IRS whistleblower program. The editorial, “Will the IRS Ever Listen?” states that the backlog on cases is too long and that the IRS needs to better manage its relationships with whistleblowers.  They point out that 799 whistleblower claims made … Continue Reading

Members of Congress Defend Whistleblower Protection Act at Supreme Court

Washington, D.C. October 1, 2014. A bipartisan group of senators and congressmen submitted an Amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court yesterday in defense of whistleblowers. The members of Congress argued in the brief that the “Whistleblower Protection Act is for making disclosures, unless explicitly prohibited by statute.” The issue before the Supreme Court … Continue Reading

Senator Grassley Steps Forward Once Again to Defend Whistleblowers

On July 30, 2014, the House Judiciary Committee Constitution and Civil Justice Subcommittee held a hearing on proposals by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to substantially weaken the False Claims Act (FCA). The FCA is the most effective whistleblower law and allows those with evidence of fraud against federal programs or contracts to sue the … Continue Reading