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KKC Partner Is Panelist at Belgrade Anti-Corruption Conference

Stephen Kohn is panelist at Belgrade Anti-Corruption Conference.This week KKC Partner Stephen Kohn is participating in an anti-corruption conference in Belgrade, Serbia as a featured panelist.  The conference entitled “For Every Truth There Is a Source: Protecting Whistleblowers and Journalistic Sources,” is hosted by the Serbian whistleblower advocacy group Pištaljkaa (The Whistle), and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Information and runs from today through … Continue Reading

Netherlands’ New Whistleblower Law Criticized as Weak, Counterproductive

Effective July 1st 2016, the Netherlands will introduce a new law designed to support and encourage whistleblowers. While this may seem like a positive step for whistleblowers in the Netherlands, experts are highly critical of the law’s effectiveness due to its lack of confidentiality and protection for those blowing the whistle.… Continue Reading